Where Learning Is Joyful

One-On-One Attention, Exciting Workshops, & Daily Enrichments

Where Learning Is Joyful

One-On-One Attention, Exciting Workshops, & Daily Enrichments

virtual learning program | Serving Oakland County and all of Metro Detroit

Lots Of One-On-One
Attention Bolsters Learning

With one teacher per four students, your child gets all the individualized attention they need to excel. There’s room for their questions, comments, and discussion, deepening their learning and confidence.

Outdoor Play and Social Time
Makes Children Happy

Your child gets outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun they need to stay healthy every day. Time outdoors also gives your child time to socialize with friends, uplift moods, and exercises social skills.

Tutoring Keeps Your Child
On Track Towards Success

Tutoring services in reading and math keep your child excelling in their course work with one-on-one help and guidance from caring teachers. When your child has the tools they need to succeed, they feel confident, and their grades show it.

Give Your Child New
Learning Experiences

Enrichment activities are engaging, fun, and supercharge your child’s creativity. These additional activities even help them develop skills such as focusing and problem-solving. Enrichment activities include:

Fun, Academic Classes
Keep Your Child Sharp

Applying math and reading concepts in real-world contexts helps your child grasp them in meaningful ways, enriching comprehension over rote learning.

Your child dives deep into math, reading, science, and more with these fun classes:

Entrepreneurship Babysitting
(ages 10+)

Your child learns how to care for infants and young children, and even kick off a career and lucrative business in early childhood care and education!

Young Entrepreneurship 101

Your child learns the basics of how to operate a business. They’ll develop a business plan and strategy they can start the next day!

I Can Read

Your child develops a natural love of reading as they master phonics, grammar, and vocabulary building.

Amazing Math

Your child learns math fundamentals creatively and in a fun way that ensures retention, thanks to hands-on activities.


Help with finding the “X” turns Algebra’s letters into numbers your child unlocks all on their own thanks to guidance and creative lessons.

Awesome Science

Hands-on experiments and observations crack open the world of sciences where your child is at the forefront of testing gravity, cause and effect, and more.

Girls Who Code

Girls get the confidence they need to bridge the gender gap in computer development and learn computer language basics they can build on in the future.

Code With Us

Your child learns computer programming basics that complement math concepts. They also understand how computers work and can build on that knowledge as they get older.

Modern History

Your child delves into the history that shaped today, giving them context about current questions and social constructs.

frequently asked questions

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Snacks are included, but not meals.

If they are 11 years old and younger, no.
Yes, as long as they have no medical conditions that bar them from doing so.
2-5 years old.
59$ a month.