Ology Brings On The
Learning And Fun

Tutoring, Virtual Learning, And
Awesome Classes Happen Here

Ology Brings On The
Learning And Fun

Tutoring, Virtual Learning, And
Awesome Classes Happen Here

Activities and Tutoring Center Serving Oakland County For Children Ages 5-12


Wednesday - Friday:  12:oo P.M - 6:00 P.M
Saturday: 9:00 A.M - 12:00 P.M

Conveniently close to I-695 and 75, and accessible by bus

Tutoring Keeps Your Child
On Track Towards Success

Tutoring keeps your child excelling in their course work, helps them hone their strengths, and develops any areas of weakness. When your child has the tools they need to succeed, they feel confident, and their grades will show it.
Highly Qualified Teachers Connect With Your Child

Highly Qualified Teachers
Connect With Your Child

Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors who have a passion for guiding your child’s learning. Whether at-home or in-person, your child can connect with a caring, qualified instructor who positively influences them as they teach crucial school skills.

In-Person One-On-One
Attention Boosts Learning

With small classes -one teacher per four students- your child gets all the individualized attention they need to excel. Small group instruction stimulates your child’s thirst for knowledge as we nurture a wide range of their interests.

Social Time Makes Children Happy

Give your child much-needed time to socialize with friends; this uplifts their moods and exercises essential social skills. Social time is critical for their health and happiness, which is why we continue to offer an in-person option.

Daily Enrichments Build Up
Learning With Enthusiasm

Supercharge your child’s abilities and creativity with additional activities like Yoga, dance, art, and cooking. Daily enrichment activities encourage learning skills like math, partial awareness, and more immersive and fun ways.
Academic Classes That Keep Your Child Sharp

Academic Classes That Keep Your Child Sharp

From history to art to science, math, writing, literature, coding, and even P.E., you’re sure to find a class that will delight and engage your child.

Entrepreneurship Babysitting
(ages 10+)

Your child learns how to care for infants and young children, and even kick off a career and lucrative business in early childhood care and education!

Young Entrepreneurship 101

Your child learns the basics of how to operate a business. They’ll develop a business plan and strategy they can start the next day!

I Can Read

Your child develops a natural love of reading as they master phonics, grammar, and vocabulary building.

Amazing Math

Your child learns math fundamentals creatively and in a fun way that ensures retention, thanks to hands-on activities.


Help with finding the “X” turns Algebra’s letters into numbers your child unlocks all on their own thanks to guidance and creative lessons.

Awesome Science

Hands-on experiments and observations crack open the world of sciences where your child is at the forefront of testing gravity, cause and effect, and more.

Girls Who Code

Girls get the confidence they need to bridge the gender gap in computer development and learn computer language basics they can build on in the future.

Code With Us

Your child learns computer programming basics that complement math concepts. They also understand how computers work and can build on that knowledge as they get older.

Modern History

Your child delves into the history that shaped today, giving them context about current questions and social constructs.

Lil' Chefs

Your child learns kitchen safety basics, how to read and understand nutrition facts on food labels, and how to prepare nutritious vegan and vegetarian meals.

Young Artist

Expression through color and texture on paper or canvas delights the senses. This class contains accelerated painting and drawing projects.

The Ology Homeroom

Reading and math skills get a boost with tutoring services for children ages 5-12. One-on-one help gives your child the opportunity to soar and builds confidence with every achievement.

Large Indoor Studio For Yoga, Dance, & More

1,500 sq ft. of studio space with wood flooring, french doors, and child-safe mirrors host Yoga, Zumba, and many other physical activities your child loves. Specialized movement classes develop coordination, balance, and physical agility that last a lifetime.

More Individual Attention With Small Class Sizes

4 students to 1 teacher mean your child gets the one-on-one attention they deserve. Children happily engage in discussion, connect more with peers, and get the support they need every day.

A Bustling Neighborhood Close To Family Essentials

Quickly get errands out of the way thanks to grocery stores and retail shops nearby. Check out one of the parks or libraries in the neighborhood to catch up on your child’s day and get some quality time together.

Ample FREE parking makes drop-off and pick-up a breeze!

Peek Into Your Child's Day With A Viewing Window

Viewing windows into each class invite you to see all the amazing things your child is doing without interrupting or distracting them. Stay connected to their learning journey in a way that makes you smile as you look in on the learning fun.

Molekule Air Purifiers & Expert Cleaners On-Site

Molekule Air Purifiers kill airborne germs and bacteria. Enviro-Masters professionals disinfect and sanitize your child’s tools and surfaces daily to safeguard your family’s health.

Health And Safety Measures Give You Peace Of Mind

Daily temperature checks, sanitizer stations, and standard health check questionnaires decrease the risk of potential exposure and protect your child’s health, while limited access entry and attentive teachers ensure your child stays safe.

The First Class Is Free When You Register For A Class Or Buy A Family Membership.

Weekend Parties For A Clean-Up Free Celebration

Book a weekend day for an unforgettable party your child will thank you for. Invite friends, decorate, and get ready for fun! With no clean up to worry about, that’s all you’ll have to do.

A Safe Learning Space Where Your Child Excels

A virtual learning space is a safe destination for your child to pursue online education. Teachers offer guidance with assignments and navigating different online learning platforms, so your child meets deadlines with polished work.

frequently asked questions

Wednesday – Friday:  12:oo P.M – 6:00 P.M
Saturday: 9:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M

Snacks are included, but not meals.

If they are 11 years old and younger, no.
Yes, as long as they have no medical conditions that bar them from doing so.

5-12 years old.

Starting at 59$ a month.