Toilet training Success


Aaaaahhh having a toddler is such a joy! They love you, you love them, but when will your little one be fully toilet trained? Toilet training takes time and patience. It can be stressful for both toddler and parent, but if done the proper way, both of you will be happy little campers. Here are some great and helpful tips to get your toddler through “Potty Training!


1. Is your toddler really ready?

    First make sure your toddler is ready. Check to see if your toddlers’ diapers are less soiled than normal.       Your toddler may begin to let you know if they are wet or if they need a diaper change.  Some toddlers 

    began to take their diapers off and walk around to air dry.


2. Give the sippy cup a break! Unless you are traveling to daycare, grandmas or to the mall don’t give 

     your toddler a sippy cup. When at home offer her a child size cup. Start by putting small amounts of 

     water, milk or juice in the cup. The small amounts help in case your toddler gets so excited that she 

     drops her cup. It’s o.k. you only have to clean up a small amount.


3. Night time drinking should be cut-off Set a cut-off time for drinks like 7 or 8 p.m.


4. Lights out!   Set a time when your toddler should be in bed. Set up a ritual and allow your toddler to get 

     used to the routine. Example by 8 p.m. your toddler should have on her pj’s and is resting in bed. You 

     can read her a short bedtime story either from a book. Just 10-15 minutes of story time would be great.


5. Begin to purchase either pull-ups or rubber pants and underwear for your toddler.

    Many parents get tired of buying the pull-ups so try the rubber pants. If you can’t find them in the stores, 

     try to get them online. Try to buy your child’s favorite character underwear.


6. Only put elastic waist bottoms on your toddler and no onesies!  It’s frustrating for everyone involved 

     when your little one has to go and can’t unsnap the button, zip down the pants, can’t unhook the    

     suspenders, etc. All those cute little do dads and belts will set your toddler up for failure.


7. Keep track of the time between when your toddler drinks and is wet.  When I trained my first daughter I 

    discovered that she was wet about 2.5-3 hours after she had a drink. It was better than putting her on   

    the potty every 30 minutes!            

    Whew talk about exhausting. So just take a moment the first few times to check her about an hour after 

     she drinks, 1.5 hours and so fourth.


8. It’s potty time!   Choosing a potty takes a little effort. There are new training toilets on the market that 

     make music to congratulate your little one for using the potty. There are ones that turn into step stools   

     so your little one can learn proper hygiene “wash your hands after you go!”


9.  No outings today!

     When you feel like your toddler is ready and you have purchased all the necessary items for success, 

     plan to stay home. Just for one day at least. Toilet training is successful if your toddler is near her potty 

     seat when she feels the urge to go.


10.  Mistakes happen…

     Your toddler may have mistakes during the toilet training process and it’s o.k.  One thing you don’t 

     want to do is switch back and forth from diaper to pull-up or from underwear back to pull-up and so on. 

     If after a few days your toddler is not making progress don’t be upset. Just put her back in diapers 

     and try again later.


11. Make it a great time!

     Toilet training should not be stressful for toddler, parent or caregiver. It should be a time of success 

     and achievement for your little one.