Joyful Programs

We have four different programs to meet the needs of your child 
Joyful Babies

Ages 0-17 months


Individual schedule to meet the infants needs and will be determined by parents


Infants are feed on demand and are allowed to sleep on demand

While awake infants, according to their developmental progress, may be involved in developmental appropriate activities such as:

Tummy Time

Resting on a Boppy Pillow

Allowed to reach for toys placed near them

All infants will be read to each day

All infants will be spoken to in a loving and soft voice

All infants will be cuddled throughout the day

Infants may also sit in their infants seat or the caregiver may hold infants during Toddler circle time.

Joyful Tots


Ages 18-35 months (1-2 ½ years)

Call for a tour to see our awesome schedule for our Joyful Toddlers

Joyful Preschool

Ages 3-5 years  

Don't forget to view the schedule during your tour! We have tons of fun learning throughout the day~

Joyful Pre-K 
ages 4-5 Kindergarten Prep.

Our Pre-K schedule is similar to our preschool curriculum with more advanced learning. We incorporate an advanced math, phonics and reading program along with extended science projects.