Is my baby teething? Some infants show, what we see as signs of teething, during the early part of their life. Signs are drooling, more suckling and chewing, a slight fever, and downright frustration from infants. But what exactly is teething and when does it start. How do we sooth an infant who is dealing with teething pains.

Teething is a process when an infants teeth begin to appear by emerging through the gums. Teething may start as early as three months!! The first tooth normally appears between seven and nine months. But some infants sprout teeth earlier. Some infants get their first tooth as late as 1 year and one month.

Does my baby's tooth actually CUT through the gums?

The pain we think an infant feels when he or she began to “cut teeth” is more frustration. The teeth don’t actually cut through the skin, yet chemicals are released within the body that causes some cells in the gums to die and separate, which allow the teeth to come through. Teething is a natural process that all infants must go through. Keep those bibs handy to catch all the drooling and dribbling!

Signs of teething- That first tooth is likely to show up in the middle lower jaw. You might notice your baby drooling more than usual and chewing on any and everything. Some other signs may be mood changes, swollen gums, crying, irritability and a slight fever.

The teething process for one or two teeth may last about a week

“Comfort me” ways to help your infant though the pain- Make sure your infant is suffering from teething and nothing more serious. You can rub your finger around the gum line to see if the ridges are swollen or if a tooth is sprouting.

-gum massaging may be helpful to your infant. Gently massage the swollen areas

-Offer a cool, wet washcloth or a teething ring.

-Chilled foods like applesauce, purèed fruit or baby yogurt may be soothing. Use a mesh teether for the food. Don't use a spoon or straw. The mesh is simply more comforting.

-A chilled pacifier or a teether that goes in the freezer may offer some relief.

-Clean the infants gums once per day using plain water and a soft cloth or baby toothbrush.

-Quite time with your infant is a nice way to calm. No television, no texting, no phone. Simply hold and rock your baby or do so  while using one of the ideas above.

-Try rubbing Echinacea or vanilla extract on the gums. The Vanilla is also known for soothing lil upset stomachs. Don't use an enormous amount, just a little.

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