Winter skin treatment for infants


Baby it’s cold outside! Let’s make sure baby’s skin stays warm and protected during the colder weather. You will make your baby happy and keep his skin soft and subtle with the following tips


  • Don’t over heat your baby: Overheating your baby can cause itchy red bumps and the sweat glands can become clogged. Dress your baby in breathable clothing like cotton.
  • A good rule of thumb is to put your baby in layers. A onesie, socks and a sleeper is good. If your baby is cool put him in a bathrobe or a light sweater or jacket for added comfort. When your baby is hot remove some of those layers of clothing.
  • To sooth baby’s itchy skin use more natural remedies and not over the counter or prescription medication. After a luke warm bath, pat baby dry and massage a breathable oil onto babies skin. Some suggestions are organic olive oil, natural authentic Shea Butter, sweet almond or Jojoba oil, calendula or evening primrose oils. You can also use the contents of a natural vitamin such as Vitamin E gel capsule, which will work well for baby too.
  • Try NOT to use Vaseline, Baby Oil, Aquaphor as they contain mineral oils and petroleum and can irritate skin conditions such as Eczema and can block the pores.
  • Try to choose products that are high quality, certified organic and pesticide free
  • Oils are best like Almond Oil, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil. Make sure the only ingredients are the oil or oils your purchasing. The oil should not contain water, alcohol, or any other ingredients.