A nice buy! The insert comes out of the tub. You can use the insert in the sink or on the changing table. The tub grows with the child. Take out the insert for infants that sit up on their own or small toddlers
It's Bath Time!

Bath time can be a fun experience or a fussy one for your precious baby. Don't stress about it! Your baby doesn't need a bath everyday. For infants up to 6 months or before your infant is crawling, it’s a great idea to bathe your baby only once or twice a week. A sponge bath every other day or when she needs a clean up in the chubby roll areas is a great idea too.

Remember that water dries the skin. So long soaks for an infant is not recommended.

Whether you give your baby a sponge or full bath don't do it right after she eats. Especially if she spits up a lot. It's nice to make this a night time ritual. A bath and a short story. This will help her get into a routine schedule.

How do I give my baby a sponge bath?

First you gather all the items you need. You never want to leave your baby while giving any type of bath whether in the infant tub, the sink, or a sponge bath.

Here’s some items you may want to gather:

  • Baby body wash. Try to find one that works for hair as well. Make sure it's alcohol free.
  • Three infant clothes for washing her body, washing her face and rinsing
  • A hand towel or small towel for baby to lay
  • A body drying towel
  • Two bowls of water (one for soapy water and one with clear water) This is not needed if you give her a full bath
  • Ointment, cream or oil for skin
  • A diaper or two
  • Clothes or sleeper

Let’s get started!

You choose where you want to give your baby a sponge bath. The changing table is a great place. You can also do it on a clean, non-drafty floor, or a clean table such as the dinning room table.

If you have an infant tub, you may set it on the floor or the table. NEVER LEAVE YOUR BABY UNATTENDED!

*Place the small towel (like a hand towel) inside the infant tub or on the changing table. Use a couple of towels for padding if you are using the floor or table without the tub.

*Undress your baby and change her diaper if necessary.

*Gently lay her down on the changing table (my favorite place) and began to wash her up.

*Use a small amount of body wash on a damp cloth. Don’t completely wring the cloth out. You want a nice amount of water to make the body wash soapy.

*Start washing under her neck. She may not enjoy this part, but you must wash under each little layer.

*Use the clear water bowl to rinse out the cloth

*Continue on washing her arms, belly, diaper area, legs, back and finally her lil’ feet

*Make sure you remove all of the soap from her body

*Cover her with the towel as you wash down her little body, as you don’t want her to get chilly

*Use the last clean cloth and wash her face, behind her ears and hair line near her neck

*You may use the same cloth to wash her hair if needed. Make sure you get all of the soap out of her hair

*You can wash her hair in the infant tub, full tub or sink. Make sure you have a couple of cups of clear warm water. Securely hold your baby so that her head is back a little, you don't want the water to get into her eyes. Pour the warm water over her hair to rise thoroughly. Do not allow the water to get into her ears.

*Finally use her favorite cream, organic oil or ointment, olive oil, or any infant skin protector (fragrance free and alcohol free) would be great to use. NEVER USE Vaseline

*Gently and slowly massage the oil into her skin paying special attention to the layers. Gently stretch out her arms and legs and moisturize those trapped places. Do the same with her neck.

*If her skin looks red in the layered areas you may use a small amount of organic cornstarch or talc free powder and apply it to her skin. Burt’s Bee has a talc free powder that works great.

*Talk to your baby and tell her how much you love her during this time!

*If the sponge bath makes your baby fussy quickly finish up and do it on another day.

Use the same steps above when giving her a bath. Remember, you don’t need to bathe your baby girl everyday.




This is great to place inside the tub or on the table or floor with something underneath to catch the water! NEVER LEAVE YOUR BABY UNATTENDED. ALWAYS STAY CLOSE AND TRY TO KEEP ONE HAND ON YOUR BABY FOR SAFETY