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Water news to use....

Infants and toddlers need to drink WATER!

Is it safe to give infants steam distilled water?


If I decide not to breastfeed my infant, what kind of water should I use when making formula?

NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER use TAP WATER. EVER!!! Tap water has many impurities that WILL rob the infants body of good nutrients and may cause severe health issues in the future.

What are the benefits for an infant drinking water?

*Water for infants and toddlers (anyone!) helps to keep the body at the right temperature
*Flushes impurities from the body
*Relieves constipation by helping to move food through the digestive tract
*Helps with skin issues and removes waste in the urine
*Cleans the body, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, urinary tract infections, as well as other illnesses and viruses
*Keeps their little bodies hydrated and their bodies at the right temperature allowing them to sweat (our bodies should sweat) This is normal because sweating brings unwanted impurities out of the body. It's like an exit for germs and germs cause illnesses!!!!
*Keeps lips from drying and cracking

How many months should an infant be before drinking water?

Around 2-3 months is okay to start.

How much steam distilled water can I give an infant?

No more than 1 oz. every day. Once the infant turns 3 months 2 oz. a day is okay. Infants eight months to 1 year can have 2 oz. a day . After one year a half cup is good. Ages 2 and older use this formula:
The child's body weight divided by 2 and give this to the child in ounces. Example. If your two year old weights 30lbs, then it's okay to give her 15 ounces (oz.) of water each day.

Remember that our bodies (little ones too) are made up of 70% + water!

NEVER FORCE an infant or toddler to drink water. Feed it to them slowly, day by day. A little goes a long way Laughing

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Never give infants tap water! Only give an infant fresh steam distilled water.