Joyful Craft Ideas!

Use your cookie cutter to create more than just a cookie!
1. Salt Dough Ornaments~ 
Instructions: Make salt dough by mixing 2 Cups flour, 1 Cup salt and 1 Cup warm water. After mixing dough, press onto board. Cut out shapes using cookie cutters (make sure to poke a hole with a straw) and allow to dry or bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours, turning every 1/2 hour. Paint with acrylic paints and spray with acrylic spray so they last a long time. Use curling ribbon or yarn and place in the hole. Hang on the tree or give it as a gift!
2. Holiday French Toast or Pancakes~ 
Add festive food coloring (real, natural dye-FREE food coloring) to your pancake mix. After cooking the pancakes, use the cookie cutter to make creative pancake shapes.
3.Wrapping Paper~ 
Use holiday ornaments as stencil stamps. Just dip cookie cutter into paint and stamp onto paper. Paper grocery sacks work great
4. Fudge is a favorite holiday treat. Just use a cookie cutter to cut out fudge shapes. Wrap them individually for a special gift
5. Cookie cutter sandwiches
Give your child's  sandwich a fun new look by cutting the bread with the cookie cutters.
6.Cinnamon Toast
Toast bread and use cookie cutter to make fun shapes. Spread vegan butter and then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Did you know that white sugar is bleached? Instead of white, addicting sugar use brown sugar, Raw  sugar or coconut sugar 
7. Stencil art~ 
Allow your child to make designs using the cookie cutter as a stencil. Just place the cookie cutter on paper and trace the inside or outside, lift and voila'!
8.Pound cake designs~ Use the cookie cutter to make pound cake slice designs. Just press into the pound cake and lift.
9. Clay shapes~ Allow your child to use the cookie cutter in their favorite clay to make fun shapes!
10.Crayon Shapes~ Lay foil on baking pan. Place your old broken crayons inside cookie cutter (Non-plastic cookie cutters). Bake at 350 degrees and let bake until crayons are melted. Let cool before using.